The Racking Beads by Nathalie Crottaz


Decembre / Janvier 2014 : Vol 28 No 4

Extrait de l’article :

« On my way home at the end of the summer, the lines and colors of the Gallo-Roman beads remained in my memory. I thought that the foundations of our decorative techniques were great. I wanted to know how to do dozens of techniques and skip the rudimentary techniques ! what an idea … Then I looked again at my first beads, made during my various traineeships, and I thought it would be interesting to see my progress by comparing what I could do after all these experiences.

I chose a bead with strongly contrasting colors: a yellow and black backdrop with one whose technical rake lets pretty chevron print patterns appear. I reproduced this bead and it was at this moment that the beauty of this technique appeared to me. Now capable of realizing more clearly, I realized it was sublime.
I began a series of racking beads to improve myself even more. The beads were a classic size — if they had been bigger, it would have allowed us to appreciate the advantage of motif /patterns, and then it would be a new challenge as a large-sized work. I am indeed facing new constraints because working more mass requires more attention in the heating and shaping of the mass. »nathalie crottaz glass beads for glass line magazine 2014

Nathalie Crottaz 1   « What’s great is that, by investing more of myself in the art of making glass beads, I discover more and more things that enrich my life and give me the opportunity to meet interesting people who have the same questions or who are able to respond to mine. All these little discoveries carry me along every day in this fascinating world and are deep sources of joy. If the technique can sometimes make us take over the instinct, the pleasure is always present. As Chagall said, “If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing works.” I think it is important to develop our intuition and stay connected to our deepest desires in life every day, as in an area that is close to our heart. Having the ability to translate thoughts and desires into colors and shapes through a beautiful material such as glass is an incredible opportunity ! »

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